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What types of hair extensions are there?
There are two types of hair extensions - 100% human hair, or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair extensions are lab-produced, while natural hair extensions are grown and cut-off from humans. The advantage of natural hair extensions is the realistic look it creates, but can be more expensive because a human had maintained, cut, and sold their hair. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, does not look as natural, but usually costs less. Where ease of attaching the extensions is concerned, synthetic hair is easier because clip-in varieties are widely available.
What kind of natural hair is used as hair extensions?
We only use hair extensions made out of 100% virgin human hair. Virgin human hair refers to hair that has intact hair cuticles, and the hair is bundled in a way that the cuticles lie in the same direction, allowing the hair extensions to be stronger, healthier, and tangle-free.
Will wearing hair extensions damage my hair?
Hair extensions will not damage your hair if it is properly worn.
Will the glue used to attach the hair extensions damage my hair?
The glue is made out of keratin, a primary component of hair fibre, so it is one of the safest ways to attach hair extensions without damaging your hair.
How long can hair extensions last?
Hair extensions can last about 1 year, depending on how fast your natural hair grows.
How long does it take to hair extensions application take?
It takes between 2 to 5 hours, depending on your hair thickness and the style you are aiming for.
How long should my hair be to use hair extensions?
If you aim to increase your hair volume, it should be at least 3 to 4 inches long, whereas 4 to 5 inches long if you aim to lengthen your hair.
I recently had my hair cut into a graduated bob. Can you extend its length?
Yes, you can still extend your hair length even with graduated bob. However, if you don a ponytail, the short hair underneath the hair extension will be obvious as the bonds will not be able to cover the bottom layer of the graduated bob, unlike normal hairstyles. On the other hand, you can wear a loose tail since the hair drops downwards, covering the bottom area. Other than that, the hair extensions will look natural.
I have fine hair. Will the use of hair extensions damage my hair?
With proper application, having fine hair will not be a problem. If you have very fine hair, fewer hair extensions will be used to prevent damage. In fact, a wider section of your hair will be used for each strip of hair extensions. Plus, each strip of normal-sized hair extension will be split into half to relief the pressure off your own hair.
If I wear a ponytail, will the bonds be noticeable?
When the hair extensions are fitted, each layer is managed so that the lowest layer is free of hair extensions. Furthermore, your hair from the sides and bottom will cover the bonds, so you can wear your ponytail worry-free.
What are hair extensions?
Hair extensions are hair that is attached to your own hair to give you the appearance and feel of longer hair. All of our hair extensions are made out of 100% virgin human hair.
What are the advantages of hair extensions?

ˇ¤ Wear any hairstyle instantly

ˇ¤ Offers a variety of different looks, hair quality, color, and style

ˇ¤ Various clip-in hair extensions available

ˇ¤ Long-lasting

How to choose hair extensions?
1. Determine the hairstyle you would like to have. A curly hairstyle can go with textured hair extensions; glamorous curls can go with the wet-and-wavy hair extensions; and straight hairstyle can use either the silky straight, remi, or the yaki straight hair extensions.

2. Set how much you are willing to spend. Depending on its quality, availability and texture, the cost of hair extensions can vary. To avoid cost surprises and unnecessary expenditure, setting a budget prior to visit will help you with the decision-making process.

3. To avoid a wig-looking job, choose a hair extension color that closely matches the current color of your natural hair. If you wish to add complimentary colors to your hair, choose streaked or highlighted extensions and apply them only subtly to maintain a natural appearance.

4. Buy good quality hair extensions from local or online beauty supply retailers. It is best to buy from retailers who specialize in selling hair extensions rather than those who sells them on the occasion because it will be difficult find quality ones and to get back the same quality.

5. Treat your hair extensions the way you would treat your natural hair, properly shampooing and combing the extensions in between uses.
What methods of hair extension are there?
Four common methods of hair extension include:
1. Weft (weave) hair extensions
2. Clip-in hair extensions
3. Fusion (pre-bonded) hair extensions
4. Bulk human hair (loose hair extensions)


Weft (weave) hair extensions
Weft hair extensions are hair extensions which are made out of long strips of hair that are sewn together using a machine. The wefts can be fitted onto the scalp in different ways.

How to apply weft hair extensions?
1. Sewing: A client's hair is braided either into one spiral cornrow that will cover the entire head, or into several straight ones to form layers. Then, the wefts are sewn into the cornrows. Using this method of application can be done very quickly, and last up to 3 months. Nevertheless, do get your hair redone monthly because the growth of your natural hair will cause the cornrows to loosen.

2.Liquid glue: The glue is applied onto the sewn tip of the weft, and the fitted onto the client's hair. This method of application allows for fast results, and can last up to three weeks. The downside of this method is that the glue can cause an allergic reaction to some people, causing thrush on the scalp.

How can I clean my weft hair extensions?
Before using the weft, check for any looseness, and if there are, sew them up or apply some adhesive to keep them intact, preventing shedding. To clean weft hair extensions made out of 100% human hair, there are a number of things you can do. Before you wash your hair, detangle any hair from the roots to their tips. When you wash your hair, careful not to rub or twist the hair, using a mild shampoo and lukewarm water, followed by conditioner. Then, gently squeeze out the excess water from your hair and pat dry with a towel. Resist from rubbing or rolling the hair up into the towel. Let it dry and style hair as recommended by your hair stylist. Avoid blow-drying or applying heat over the adhesives for bonded hair. However, depending on which type of weave or braid procedure used, you should ask your hair stylist on the specific maintenance steps so it will last longer.


Clip-in (clip-on) hair extensions
Clip-in extensions are hair extensions with clips sewn into its wefts. This type of hair extension is used as a temporary solution, as they can be fitted on in the morning, and then removed in the evening. For those who do not want to wear hair extensions daily, this method can be handy for them. On the downside, it may not look nice on everyone, because one will require sufficient knowledge on the right color and texture to purchase, as well as know how to match the extensions with one's existing hair cut.

Why are clip-in extensions the most popular choice of hair extensions in America?
There are a number of reasons why people prefer clip-in extensions. With the variety of colors and length, clip-in extensions are easy and safe to add length, volume, or color onto your hair without causing hair breakage. Furthermore, because it is not worn all the time, it is easier to maintain it, unlike permanent extensions. One can also independently wear it on their own easily in a matter of minutes, not to mention that there are many types of clip-in extension systems one can choose depending on a person's preference, like the one-piece or multi-piece systems, and they usually come in an affordable price. They are also offered in 100% virgin human hair, all salon-look ready yet versatile. Hair professionals recommends that people experiment with clip-in extensions before choosing a permanent extension like bonding, weaving, protein tips, or mini locks.
Is it possible to fit the clip-in extension on my own?
Yes. In fact, it is very easy to do so. Check out this video link to learn how to set the clip-in extensions yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvMIuTETRUY
Can I straighten my clip-in extensions?
You definitely can, as clip-in hair extensions are made out of human hair. Treat it like your actual hair, minimizing exposure to heat by using heat protection products before heat application.

How do clip-in extensions work?
The hair extensions used are made out of real human hair, with each strip made at a specific size. Micro-clips that are pressure sensitive are attached to each strip, which is then clipped onto a client's real hair in between sections, so that the clips remain hidden, secure, and appear natural.

What about the after-care?
After each use, spritz some maintenance spray at the tips of the extensions.

Are clip-in extensions obvious when worn?
The beauty of clip-in extensions is that it creates a natural appearance, blending in with your own hair when properly fitted.


Pre-bonded hair extensions
Pre-bonded or pre-tripped hair extensions are hair extensions that are bonded with keratin glue on its tips. The bonds can come in three main variations, which are I-tip (or stick tip), U-tip (or nail tip), and flat tip.

I-tip hair extensions

U-tip hair extensions

Hot fusion hair extensions
Hot fusion hair extensions are attached to the client's hair using a special hair connector which is a device that can melt the keratin bond of the extension. What happens is that a small section of the client's hair is laid against a bond or either a U-tip, or flat-tip pre-bonded extension. Then, in the position, the hair connector is used to melt the bond onto the client's hair. Before the bond hardens, the glue either forms into a cylindrical or flat shape which then attaches the extension to the hair.

The hot fusion hair extension process:
1. Sectionalize the hair into two parts
2. Insert the strip of hair for attaching the hair extension onto into a template, as it will protect the hair
3. Twist the strip of hair as a hank
4. Encase the hank hair with the pre-bonded hair extension
5. Place the hair connector beneath the hair
6. Smoothen out for 3 seconds
7. Roll between fingers and stick tightly
8. Do not wash or tug at your hair for the next 24 hours

Removal process:
1. Drip 3 drops of remover on the glued area
2. Use flat pliers to remove the glue
3. Separate off the pre-bonded hair extension from your hair
4. Use a comb or shampoo to get rid of glue residue
Cold fusion hair extensions
The same process can be done using ultrasonic or infrared connectors, which can melt the bonds without using heat, earning itself the process name of cold fusion. We provide both hot and cold fusion hair extensions. There is another way of attaching the hair extensions, especially with I-tip extensions, to the hair, using micro rings, which are small rings that are made out of plastic and silicone. The client's hair is placed through the micro rings and then using pliers, firm pressure is applied onto the micro ring to hold the strand of hair extension to the client's hair.

Which is the better pre-bonded extension ¨C I-tip or U-tip?
This is a matter of case basis.
With U-tip extensions, it is necessary to use heat to melt the keratin of the hair extension to the client's hair. Although this only uses a fraction of the heat generated by curling or flat irons, heat can affect fragile or damaged hair, which in this scenario should be avoided. Furthermore, since the hot fusion method requires one to keep their hair clean and product-free, there is a restriction towards the products you use, like leave-in conditioners. Pre-bonded I-tips do not face these restrictions, making it the better choice for this case.

On the other hand, pre-bonded I-tip extensions require cold fusion to keep them attached to the client's hair, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. As micro-rings, the objects used to hold the extensions to the client's hair, are made out of copper or aluminum, this method is not recommended for people who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. The rings can cause damage to your hair cuticles if they cut into them. Furthermore, the pulling of curly or coarse through the metal rings can lead to tangling, snarling, and later, tough removal. Hence, this method is not suitable for people with curlier hair.

All in all, the best type of pre-bonded extension depends on your own needs, goals, and hair type. For hair that is curly, coarse or kinky and frizzes or tangles easily, cold-fused keratin I-tips are better. In contrast, for hair that is straight, hot-fused U-tips can be better. Whichever your hair type is, do consult your hair stylist for their professional advice.
Bulk human hair (loose hair extensions)
Bulk human hair or loose hair extensions are hair extensions that come in bulks of loose hair. They can be fitted by pre-bonding each strip, or by applying keratin glue to the tip of the strip and then attaching it to the client's hair. Keratin glue can be applied in various ways, as they can come in the form of granules, glue-gun, or keratin tips. With granules, they are placed in an electric keratin glue pot that will melt them into liquid which the tips of the extension strips are then dipped into and attached to the client's hair. With glue-guns, a glue stick is inserted into the glue-gun and melted, which glue-gun applies on the tip of the strip of extension, and then attached to the client's hair. As for keratin tips, they are placed on the tip of the extension strip, and then later melted and applied to the client's hair using the hair extension connector. In terms of controlling the thickness of each strip and mixing colors, using keratins tips can be very helpful. Loose hair extensions can last between 3 to 6 months, depending on how fast your hair grows.
Hair should not be washed for 2 to 3 days upon application of hair extensions so that the glue can set in properly.

It is advisable to use professional hair extension shampoo and conditioner as their ingredients are specially formulated for hair extensions. Normal shampoos, on the other hand, can cause damage to the bonds and extensions slipping off, since there are oil or silicone in its ingredients.

It is recommended that you wash your hair extensions 2 to 3 times per week. You can actually wash them more frequently, but the lesser stress on the bonds, the better. Before washing your hair, use a brush to detangle the hair extensions, and during washes, you can hold on to the roots so that less stress is created. You can wash your hair as you normally do, but allow the shampoo to run downwards along the length of the hair instead of leaving it lathered and piled up on your crown.

When applying conditioner, avoid the bonds because it can cause the bonds to weaken and slip. It is best to condition from the mid of the hair length to its tip, although you can still condition above it ¨C just be careful not to let it come in contact with the bonds. You can leave on a conditioner during your bath.
After washing your hair, pat it dry with a towel instead of rubbing because the your hair can easily get tangled. Make sure your hair is dry before brushing your hair as it is very fragile when it is wet. You can use a hair dryer at medium heat to dry it, starting from the roots to the tip, supporting the bonds. Bonds that are left wet can easily weaken. In the meantime, carefully untangle your hair while your hair is still damp.
Whenever you brush your hair, regardless damp or dry, always support the bonds of your hair extensions so they do not slip off. Do not use metal or bobbled-end brushes because they can rip and tear the hair extension, while hard brushes can pull hair out. Hence, soft bristle brushes are the most recommended brush to use.

When brushing, hold on to the roots to support the bonds, while brushing from the root to the tip. Sectionalizing your hair and then brushing each section separately is an orderly way of brushing your hair.
Hair extensions can be styled, whether straightened, curled, or blow-dried. This means that heating appliances like hairdryers, straightening irons, crimpers, and tongs can be used on them, however, one will need to be careful not to use them near the bonds or they will melt or go out of shape. As a precautionary measure, use straightening irons with temperature regulators, and avoid using them daily so that the ends do not end up burned. Using a heat protection spray on your hair and the extensions is highly advisable.

Because hair extensions are made out of human hair, it can be colored. However, if you wish to do so on your own, consult a professional first.As your hair grows, your hair extensions will follow along the growth of the hair it is bonded onto, thus, you will need to touch up the coloring at the roots. Although they do not affect the hair of the extensions, avoid bleaching or dying bonded areas. The coloring of your extensions are done at your own risk, so it is recommended that you conduct a strand test before doing any coloring.
Never wear your hair damp to bed. Instead, keep it dry and tied in a bun or a loose plait using a soft scrunchie to minimize the occurrences of knots.
After-care products
Our hair receives natural oils as a source of nourishment from the scalp, but hair extensions do not. In order to keep the hair extensions nourished, you will need to use the basic hair extension shampoo and conditioner (included in the first application price). During consultation, there will also be a discussion of viable after-care products to use or purchase.
Other activities
If you plan to go on a holiday where the climate is hot, going for a session of maintenance prior to that helps you ensure that the hair extensions are well-fitted. If you do sunbathe, sport a hat and keep your hair under it, away from the sun that would dry it up and heat the bonds. If you go swimming in the sea or chlorinated water but do not want to protect your hair with a swim cap, tie a low pony tail and form a tight plait with the tail, holding its end with a band. Be sure to wash or rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming because salt water and chlorine can cause them to dry out. Keep your hair conditioned, avoiding at the bonds.

When you use the sauna, solarium or steam room, wear a hat or keep your hair wrapped to keep it from overheating the bonds. After that, you should wash, dry, and comb your hair, keeping it untangled. Bonds in constant dampness can become damaged.
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