Tell you something about french fashion

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France  is a fashion contury,so many pepeole think of French fashion, they think of classic, sexy and elegantly dressed women and men. France is one of the major fashion hubs of the world and is often looked to for fashion forward chic styles from designers and fashionistas all over the globe.

French women are obsessed with designer label clothing and quality accessories. They are not afraid of the latest trend but always trust the runway show to lead them toward fashion heaven, instead of following an off-runway fad. If you want to dress like the classy lady you are, take some tips from these French fashion basics. Remember, you don’t have to live in Paris to dress like a legendary Parisian girl!

Invest In Basics: French Fashion Must-Haves

If you want to look like a French fashionista, you must invest in a handful of timeless apparel pieces to get you through any life situation which might come your way. Most fashion experts recommend the following simple wardrobe pieces be purchased.

  • Stylish trench coat (choose from neutrals like black, beige, white, ivory)
  • Black pumps
  • Crisp white shirt
  • Little black dress
  • Ballet flats or loafers
  • Designer handbag
  • Properly fitted bra
  • Slim skirt
  • Dark boot-cut jeans
  • Luxury sunglasses
  • Tailored blazer
  • Red scarf

Add Your Personal Flair

While the basic pieces of your wardrobe are quite simple and natural, French fashion is also about adding your own personal style to your clothing. Whether you love chic clothing or bohemian styles, you should add what you like to your outfits. Figure out what looks best on your body type and go with it. Keep the basic layout of the outfit classically French-inspired but use your accessories to play up your personality. Hit a local boutique to look for French inspired scarves, broaches, shoes or pins.

Be Conservative & Keep It Simple

French women have a very lovely way of keeping their fashion conservative, yet sexy. If you want to dress more like the French, be sure to keep it classic and conservative. Never show too much skin and instead add sex appeal by wearing a fitted pencil skirt and your hair up in an updo. Keep your look simple, without adding a multitude of patterns, stripes or bold colors to your appearance. French women feel things like sequins, ruffles or other bold fashion choices can simply ruin a chic fashion intention.

Dress To Impress, Always!

French women are always well-dressed. Whether they are headed to a social event or stopping by the grocery on the weekend, they always look put together and fashionable. Sure, they may not wear their little black dress to the market but instead of a sweat suit and tennis shoes, they will show up in dark boot cut jeans and a pair of ballet flats.

French Fashion Isn’t Only About Clothing

To capture the essence of French fashion and beauty, the assignment doesn’t stop at the clothing alone. The chic French image goes far beyond just what you wear on your body. The daily or weekly beauty routines French women undergo are also a huge part of the fashion French role. French women love to smell expensive, so be sure to find a French-inspired perfume you can wear on a daily basis. Be sure your nails and toenails always look manicured and polished. Experiment with youthful haircuts and color which carry a chic style with them. Wear lingerie to not only hide your flaws (shape wear) but also to make you feel sexy under your classic French styled clothing. Lastly, always adhere to a quality skin care regimen, keeping your skin soft and flawless as you age.

If you are a fashion lover,maybe all these will help you much.

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Make yourself beasuty

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If you have many questions about how to makeup and how to look much more beasuty?If  so,please take attention to our free advice and tips as follow.

The information contained here goes past the normal focus of teaching women how to apply their makeup, do their eyebrows, or fix their hair. We will deal with our inner attitudes, how we treat others, our posture, and our diet. We will guide you how to get the most out of what you have and how to find what you might be missing and camouflage what you have more than you need.

Most Recent Beauty & Fashion Advice Articles

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    Learn about appropriate nighttime wedding clothing; find out what to wear to formal, casual, black tie, cultural or conservative ceremony, as well as fashion to avoid.
  2. What to Wear on a Job Interview: Appropriate Outfits and Grooming for First Impressions
    Learn what outfit to wear for a job interview; get tips on proper conservative or professional dress code style, grooming, and accessories.
  3. Screening for Skin Cancer: Identifying Suspicious Moles and Spots
    Find out about different types of skin cancer; learn how to identify suspicious moles and spots that may be symptoms of basal or squamous cell carcinoma.
  4. Blackheads: How to Prevent and Get Rid of Pimples
    Find out common causes, cures and how to prevent blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples; learn remedy or treatments to get rid of zits on your body, face and nose.
  5. Makeup Basics: How To Apply Concealer
    Get tips for how to apply makeup and concealer; learn about dermatologist techniques, products and tools to even tone and cover acne, scars, blemishes and under eye circles.

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    Methods for taming and shaping your eyebrows correctly.
  5. Popular 70s Fashions and Makeup
    Read about the groovy fashion styles of the 1970s.

Hope all these can help you~~

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Let Leighton Meester tell you sonething about hair care

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24-year-old “Gossip Girl” star, Leighton Meester, recently told People magazine that she’s “not super OCD when it comes to every little fly away. I like being a little undone.” Back in April, Meester signed on with mega hair care brand Herbal Essences to become their global spokeswoman and revealed that, for the right Hollywood role, she’d chop off her signature long brown locks. “I know it’s just hair and I can change it however I want. I haven’t shaved my head or anything like that. But, you know if I needed to! It’s part of my job to change my hair,” she states.

Even though Meester’s “Gossip Girl” character, Blair Waldorf, sports traditional long brown layers, in real life, the actress tends to go a bit lighter in shade when she’s not working. Embracing change is part of her job and she admits to “playing a part” when she’s on the red carpet. I like to have fun with hair and makeup,” Meester says. The TV star has a glam squad of her own that includes makeup artist Chris Colbeck and hairstylist, Charles Baker Strahan that keep her looking red carpet ready and create her true image.

“It’s all about individuality and making a big statement. I leave it to the pros, they’re artists. I’ll be like, ‘just do your thing,’” Meester touts. “I try different looks and I’m happy that I can achieve them and not look like a clown.”

Meester’s mantra on doing your own thing and being original made her a perfect fit for Herbal Essences. “My first memory is those iconic [Herbal Essences] commercials back in the day. My mom used it, too,” she told Women’s Wear Daily of wanting to partner with a brand known for its original and creative ad campaigns.

Meester and her “Gossip Girl” co-stars have been super busy filming in Paris for next season’s episodes. The starlet has been spotted all over town with co-star, Blake Lively, attending several Paris fashion shows and even giving each other a little kiss while filming on a Paris balcony.

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The tips of model Makeup & Beauty

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Do you envy the models’ beauty makeup?If so,please follow next tips,then you can also have that beauty.
  • The key to model-like makeup is applying your makeup so it looks effortless and natural. You don’t need expensive products or makeup lessons with a professional makeup artist. You can improve your appearance with just a few adjustments to your techniques and products. Practice makes perfect, so give yourself time to try out each tip and make the most of your makeup.
  • Foundation and Concealer

  • Foundation and concealer help a model’s skin tone look even by making the skin one uniform color. Foundation is used on large areas, while concealer is used on small areas like under-eye circles. Make sure your foundation and concealer match your skin tone by keeping summer and winter shade versions of the items. Depending on you daily habits, your skin will significantly darken in the summer due to increased outdoor exposure, so you should buy new makeup during this time. The sun’s rays are weaker during the winter, which means you will need a slightly lighter shade in winter. Matching shades according to the season is the best way to get a flawless look. Check makeup in different kinds of light such as outdoors and fluorescent, to make the best match.
  • Look Alert Instantly

  • Even if you don’t feel awake, you can fake it by emphasizing your eyes. Defining your eyes makes you look awake; the effect is especially noticeable if you have light-colored hair and skin. Get rid of dark circles by patting concealer on your under-eye circles. Blend the concealer toward the nose for a natural look. Line the upper lid with dark brown or black liquid liner. Curl lashes with a lash curler and then apply two coats of dark brown or black mascara. Some people depend on this trick so much, they get permanent makeup applied to their eyes so they don’t have to spend time applying makeup every day.
  • Use Sunscreen Cosmetics

  • Many cosmetics come with built-in sunscreen to protect your skin. The sun’s rays cause the majority of facial wrinkles but there are now a large variety of products you can wear to protect yourself. The Cancer Council of Australia is a makeup company that only makes products with sunscreen. Lip balms, lipsticks and foundation are just a few of the products with SPF ratings. Reapply them throughout the day and you will always be ready to face the sun.
  • That’ s all.They are very easy,right?

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    hot hair style on owigs-PW018-s

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    Hair Color: #1B; (This is just the color shown on the picture)
    Hair Length: 20″; (This is just the length shown on the picture)
    Recommended length: 20″;
    Method of hair care
    Lace Type: Swiss lace
    Hair Quality : 100% high quality Indian Remy Human Hair;
    Lace Cap Material: Swiss lace with stretch in crown;
    Density: Medium 100%;
    Natural hairline;
    Baby hair: along the perimeter to give the effect of a naturally growing hairline;
    Bleached knots: are also in this piece to make the hairline even more undetectable (#1 & #1B can’t be bleached);
    Double Knots: Makes more durable and ensures the hair stays in place;
    Hair Style: as on the picture.

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